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Terms and policy

Standard terms and conditions

All prices quoted are ex. VAT, unless otherwise stated. Reservations are made for errors such as typing and spelling errors and price changes. MacGeni reserves the right to correct any calculation errors and to charge the correct amount in case of subsequent invoicing.

When purchasing backup assistance, MacGeni cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions in data, as it is not possible to assess before the start of the transfer. The service purchased from MacGeni is setup and support for backup.

Payment terms are often Net 8 days unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Payment must be transferred to our bank account or cash on collection. Assignments for less than 5,000 Dkr (ex. VAT) must be paid in cash before delivery of materials.
In the event of late payment, interest will be charged in accordance with applicable legislation. Complaints must be made within 8 working days from the date of delivery.
When purchasing used equipment, products are sold as second-hand sales and are purchased as is without warranty.
Use of delivered material without payment may result in claims for damages.

Customers are co-responsible for keeping track of hourly consumption and objections to this must be made within 8 working days from the hourly consumption is invoiced.

Normal prices stated on the website are valid for daytime hours 08-18.
Urgent tasks, work on weekends and public holidays and overtime will be invoiced twice, unless a special written agreement has been made in advance.

Season tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. Vouchers must be purchased in advance of consumption of hours and are valid for services in the future. Services requested before are therefore invoiced separately and cannot be transferred to a voucher. When purchasing a voucher, it is the customer’s duty to ensure that the remaining vouchers on the voucher are in accordance with the hourly consumption stated by MacGeni. The Customer has 8 working days to make objections.

The first full hour of support/training work is invoiced for the first full hour. After the first hour, the invoice is rounded up to every half hour, except for telephone support, where the invoice is rounded up per quarter of an hour.

MacGeni provides help and support based on hourly estimates, which can easily change to more or less hours when the task is started, as we cannot foresee errors or problems. We work on an hourly rate regardless of whether the task is solved or not, support at MacGeni is a process of finding solutions for our customers. We do NOT work from the “No cure, no pay” concept but instead we use the time needed to solve a task. MacGeni does not assume responsibility if problems occur after we have provided support, as these problems can be caused by many different factors. If the task cannot be solved within the estimated time, extra time is required to find a solution. It is up to the customer to discontinue the cooperation if the customer does not want to spend more financial resources or time on solving a task. If MacGeni does not have time to complete a task, the customer will still be invoiced for the time spent.

When paying by credit card for the purchase of physical goods, the amount is deducted when the goods are ordered home or when the goods are shipped.
When paying by credit card, some services, such as courses ordered, are prepaid. When paying by credit card for support, the payment is charged after completed task or partially completed task, as a minimum, MacGeni’s time spent on support or training is deducted from the credit card on an hourly basis.

1. Contract formation and conditions

1.1 For any contract concluded with MacGeni, the following conditions shall apply as accepted by the buyer.

For leasing, rental and service contracts as well as hardware hedges, supplementary conditions shall apply. Deviating purchase conditions of the buyer shall only apply if they have been separately confirmed in writing by MacGeni.

1.2 The Buyer is obliged to follow the order for 4 weeks. The contract shall not be binding on MacGeni until written order confirmation has been given with the terms stated therein or when delivery has been made. MacGeni is entitled at its own discretion to involve a third party in the performance of the contract.

1.3 In order to be valid, warranties, supplementary agreements and amendments to the contract must be in writing.

1.4 If MacGeni has delivered goods for testing or on loan, the recipient shall at its own expense ensure timely return to MacGeni. If the goods are not returned within the time limit stated in the loan confirmation, MacGeni shall be entitled, at its own option, either to take back the goods at the recipient’s expense or to invoice the goods at a list price, the lent item hereby being deemed to have been purchased by the recipient. The recipient shall be liable for all original packaging, manuals and other loose parts. If the packaging is damaged during the loan period, or if manuals and/or other loose parts are lost, the recipient shall be obliged to replace the MacGeni value at current price. If the item is damaged during the loan period, the recipient shall be obliged to replace the value at current price.

1.5 Illustrations and descriptions of the subject matter of the contract in brochures, catalogs, prospectuses and the like are approximate and shall not be regarded as assured characteristics. MacGeni reserves the right to make changes in construction and/or design of the contract goods before the time of delivery and during the course of several deliveries. All measurements, color and weight indications shall apply within industry tolerances.

2. Prices and terms of payment.

2.1 MacGeni’s prices are fixed including packaging, but excluding packaging, transportation and VAT. MacGeni is entitled to invoice separately for handling, installation and delivery.

2.2 The pricing is based on the cost level at the conclusion of the contract. If changes in the supplier price level occur in the time between the conclusion of the contract and the agreed time of delivery, MacGeni is entitled to make a corresponding price correction.

2.3 All invoices are due for payment upon delivery unless otherwise expressly agreed.

2.4 Checks are only valid as payment upon full redemption.

2.5 Offsetting against unrecognized claims is excluded. Any other withholding of payments by the purchaser due to counterclaims relating to other legal relationships is excluded.

3. Moral and credit conditions.

3.1 If the buyer does not make timely payment or if MacGeni receives bad credit information on the buyer, MacGeni is entitled to stop further deliveries until prepayment or appropriate security has been provided. If the prepayment or security is not provided within the time limit set by MacGeni, MacGeni shall be entitled to terminate the contract and claim reimbursement of the costs incurred.

3.2 If payment is to be made in installments, the full outstanding debt shall be due for immediate repayment if the buyer is wholly or partly in arrears with two installments.

3.3 In the event of any late payment, MacGeni shall be entitled, without prior notice, to charge interest at a rate of 1.5% per month or part thereof from the due date of the invoice.

4. Retention of title.

4.1 All goods delivered by MacGeni are delivered under retention of title until full payment has been made. In case of default, MacGeni shall be entitled to collect the delivered goods without prior demand and the buyer shall be obliged to hand over the goods irrespective of whether any data belong to the buyer or a third party. The costs associated with the revocation shall, if applicable, be reimbursed by the Purchaser.

4.2 The buyer is not entitled to resell, lend, rent, pledge or the like the delivered goods. Until full payment has been made, the buyer is not entitled to have the delivered goods incorporated into real property in such a way that the retention of title cannot be maintained.

If legal proceedings are taken against the delivered goods by a third party, including e.g. attachment, seizure or arrest, the Buyer shall be obliged to immediately notify MacGeni thereof in writing.

4.3 Any repossession pursuant to the retention of title cannot be invoked by the buyer as a termination of the contract by MacGeni. MacGeni shall be entitled to claim a financial position as if the contract had been fulfilled by the buyer.

4.4 The buyer is obliged to keep the delivered goods fully insured until payment has been made.

5. Time of delivery.

5.1 The agreed delivery time shall run from the conclusion of the contract, except in cases where the buyer is to provide a) information material or requirement specifications to MacGeni, b) furnish buildings or premises for installation, or in cases c) where payment is to be made. In the cases mentioned in a-c, the delivery time shall run from the buyer’s final performance. If individual software is included in the contract, the delivery time shall not start until the buyer has finally provided the necessary information and/or specifications.

5.2 The delivery time shall be deemed to have been complied with when MacGeni has given notice before expiry that the subject matter of the contract has been dispatched or is available.

5.3 The delivery time shall be extended correspondingly if the buyer requests changes or supplements.

5.4 The delivery time shall be suspended in the event of unforeseen circumstances, including in the event of work stoppages, strikes and similar circumstances. The same applies if similar circumstances occur at one of MacGeni’s suppliers, or if the supplier is unable to fulfill the delivery obligations to MacGeni.

6. Delay etc.

6.1 If there is a delay on the part of MacGeni with respect to delivery or performance of services, the buyer shall be obliged to request in writing that MacGeni presents the service within a time limit set by the buyer which is reasonable under the circumstances. If this time limit expires without the service having been performed, the buyer shall be entitled to terminate the contract.

6.2 Unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of MacGeni, the buyer is only entitled to claim compensation of an amount of maximum 10% of the part of the contract value which has not been fulfilled.

6.3 The same applies if the delay is due to circumstances beyond MacGeni’s control. In case of Force Majeure, MacGeni is free from any liability.

7 Transfer of risk on delivery and receipt.

7.1 MacGeni is free to deliver through a supplier chosen by MacGeni. MacGeni is entitled to charge the buyer the costs in connection with the shipment.

7.2 MacGeni is entitled to deliver the purchased goods distributed over several deliveries and from several suppliers, unless otherwise explicitly agreed.

7.3 The risk shall pass to the buyer upon dispatch from the warehouse/handover to the carrier.

7.4 If the buyer wishes to invoke defects, this must be done in writing and immediately to MacGeni. MacGeni is entitled to reject complaints received later than 8 working days after delivery.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 In the event that the buyer does not accept the delivered goods as agreed in advance, MacGeni is entitled to grant the buyer an appropriate additional period of time. After expiry of this deadline, MacGeni is entitled to sell the purchased goods to another party. Irrespective of this, MacGeni shall be entitled to claim damages due to breach of the agreement by the buyer. MacGeni shall be entitled to claim 20% of the agreed price as compensation for services already provided and materials used, however, more if major damage has been suffered.


9.0 For repair ration and service/support:

MacGeni does not take responsibility/warranty for hardware when repairing liquid damage and cannot be held responsible for repairing all damages. We do not take responsibility for damage that is not disclosed at the time of delivery.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform about errors or defects on delivered hardware that needs repair or support.
MacGeni provides no guarantee on data in connection with repairs or support. It is the customer’s own responsibility to make backups. MacGeni cannot be held liable for data loss in connection with repairs and the like.

MacGeni’s prices are per hour and are calculated on an hourly basis. No discount or reduction in price is given if the customer is not satisfied with the work performed. If customers wish to stop support or help on ongoing tasks, the customer must still pay for MacGeni’s time spent regardless of whether the problem has been solved. MacGeni is solution-oriented and it must be expected that some repairs and solutions may take longer than estimated. Time consumption is estimated after commencement of repair when the extent of the damage is inspected. MacGeni’s stated time consumption is an estimate and not final. It is therefore to be expected that the final time consumption can only be stated when a task is solved, however, within a reasonable assumption, which will be made known to the customer on an ongoing basis. Delays may occur when ordering hardware.

By filling out a delivery note or by trading with MacGeni, you automatically accept our terms and conditions.

10. Warranty conditions

There is a 3-month warranty on used parts and a general 1-year commercial right of complaint on new components. On technical repairs we provide a 6 months warranty.

10.1 MacGeni’s warranties, if any, only cover new items and only apply to defects that render the contractual object or service unusable. Warranties cannot be invoked unless a written complaint has been made within 3 months from delivery. For supplier and manufacturer warranties, only the terms and conditions contained by the suppliers or manufacturers shall apply.

10.2 MacGeni is not liable for damage to goods returned due to inappropriate use, incorrect handling and/or shipment, disregard of any guidelines prepared by MacGeni or as a result of natural wear and tear.

10.3 After receipt of the goods, both visible and hidden defects shall be claimed without undue delay.

10.4 MacGeni disclaims any liability if the buyer or a third party without MacGeni’s consent has had defects repaired or made interventions.

10.5 In connection with any remedial work, the buyer must allow MacGeni the necessary time. MacGeni is entitled to carry out one or more remedial measures and may require the buyer to pay for such measures before the work is carried out.

10.6 The Buyer shall be obliged to bear the costs of shipment of goods, also when these are sent under warranty for repair.

10.7 The Buyer may only demand rescission of the contract or a proportionate reduction of the purchase price if remedial action has not been possible. Further claims against MacGeni or MacGeni’s employees are excluded unless there is gross negligence or intent on the part of MacGeni.

10.8 Any instructions for technical use provided by MacGeni must inform the buyer of the most appropriate areas of application of MacGeni products. However, this does not relieve the buyer of the obligation to carry out its own examination of MacGeni’s products in order to determine whether they are suitable for the areas of use intended by the buyer.

10.9 As a general rule, products for which MacGeni has issued invoices with the remark “without warranty” cannot be returned, credited or supported by our technical department.

11 Right of withdrawal

A 14-day right of withdrawal is offered on goods ordered on our website or by mail: If a customer exercises his right of withdrawal, we will refund the full amount of the product that the customer has paid, including our shipping costs, etc. The only thing we require is that the customer pays his own shipping costs in connection with the return of the item.

According to the law, there is no right of withdrawal on services, e.g. when purchasing support tasks, consulting hours, teaching hours and ongoing courses and similar products. The right of withdrawal only applies to purchased hardware and physical products and software purchases if licenses etc. have not been used. Read more about the rules for when the right of withdrawal lapses here.

Please note that the right of withdrawal is waived when ordering a visit from a consultant and consultant support. When ordering such services, the customer accepts that the right of withdrawal lapses when the work is started and completed. If the customer wishes to use the right of withdrawal for ongoing tasks, the customer will be required to pay for the part of the task that has been delivered.

11.1 Place of delivery and fulfillment.
Place of delivery

GDPR / Personal data policy

Applicable as of May 25, 2018

Storage and use of personal data

It is important for that you know and are comfortable with how we store and process your personal data. We process the information you provide us with responsibly and with respect for your privacy and of course according to the rules in force at any given time.

The storage and use of your personal data is only done on a legal basis. We only keep your data for as long as necessary. After that, your data will be deleted or anonymized. How long we keep your data depends on the purpose for which we store it.


We use your personal data when you have given us consent to contact you so that we can keep you updated with good offers, news, inspiration for products and services and competitions offered by us or our partners via our systems. We also register whether you receive and open the emails we send you. This helps to provide a better customer experience when you contact us, so that we can quickly help you in connection with your inquiry. However, personal data collected in connection with a competition will only be used to select winners, send prizes and for statistical purposes, unless otherwise explicitly stated. If you withdraw your consent, you can choose to withdraw it at any time by contacting us at

You may receive communications from us by phone, SMS, email or social media. In these cases, we will use the contact details you have given us. Notices, etc. that you receive from us by email at the agreed email address have the same legal effect with regard to, among other things, payment, acceptance and complaint deadlines as if they had been received by ordinary post.

Personal data

Personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract entered into. In order for us to provide our services and products to you, we will need to process your personal data, for example, so that we can send goods, order confirmations and invoices to you and ensure that we can get in touch with you in case of complaints and returns.

Statistics, analysis and cookies

We use personal data for statistical and analytical purposes to develop, test and improve our products, services and systems, and to analyze trends and patterns of use of our site and services. We collect, among other things, your IP address, browser type (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), operating system (Windows, etc.), your interaction with advertisements, such as clicks or postings, and pages visited. This is done through the use of cookies and we use cookies to provide you with personalized recommendations on products and services.

Payment information

Payment information is handled confidentially through our partner ePay/Bamboora. We do not have access to your payment information because it is handled through an encrypted connection between your device and the payment service.

Sharing of personal data with’s partners makes use of business partners in a number of different scenarios. When we use business partners, we may need to share your personal data with them. Our use of business partners is typically for the purpose of supporting our business, e.g. in connection with the delivery of our services and products, administration, marketing, collection, repair, development, etc. The business partners we make use of are e.g. data processors, subcontractors, advisors, auditors and telecommunications companies. When we share your data with our partners, we ensure the necessary guarantees and security measures with the partners to whom we transfer your personal data in connection with the performance of our agreement. We do this by drawing up a so-called data processing agreement with them. If our partner is located outside the EU/EEA, we will draw up an agreement that complies with the EU-approved standards for the transfer of personal data.

Your rights

In relation to the personal data we hold about you, you have rights that you can exercise under the General Data Protection Regulation, which entered into force on May 25, 2018. This includes the right to know more about what information we hold about you. You also have the right to have inaccurate information corrected, to have your personal data disclosed and to withdraw your consent.

If you contact us in order to access your data or otherwise exercise your rights, we need to make sure that it is the right person who has contacted us before we can disclose or provide you with the information you are interested in. Therefore, we will check and verify that it is your identity and that it is your data.

Remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that we always have your latest e-mail address. You can update this at any time by contacting at

Data Protection Officer at

If you have questions about how processes your personal data, your questions can be addressed to’s data protection officer, who can be reached via

Cookie policy and personal data (cookie policy) collects information about all visits to the website. We collect information about what you click on, where you approximately come from, what type of computer and several more or less anonymous information. The only thing we use them for is to make statistics on how we can optimize our website so that you as a user and other users, like you, can have a better experience by, for example, writing content that suits your taste. In this way, we hope that you or you will come back another time. Therefore, it is relatively anonymous data we collect – like many other websites.

Below you can read why we collect information and what we use it for.

What information do we collect? collects information about users and their visits in two ways:

– By using so-called cookies

– By the user providing information himself/herself

Why do we use cookies?

Every visit to is registered using cookies. Every time you visit, the cookie tells us about your visit.

The cookie tells us, among other things, how long you visit the website, which sections and how many articles are read, whether your computer has visited us before, which browser and operating system you use, etc.

The information is anonymous and is collected together with the information from all other users to give us a statistical overview of the use of

The information is used first and foremost as documentation for our advertisers to determine the value of their advertisements. At the same time, cookies ensure that you do not see the same ads over and over again, and that all clicks on ads are registered.

In addition, we use the statistics in our editorial work to further develop

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file. It does not contain any personal data and the information we receive is therefore anonymous.

When you visit your computer automatically receives one or more cookies, which are transferred from to your internet browser. then registers your visit and your use of the website.

Most internet browsers allow you to delete cookies, block them or warn you and ask for your consent before a cookie is stored.

Depending on the browser you use, your browser settings can provide you with information on how to set up your browser to process cookies. You can also visit and get more information.

Personlige oplysninger

In addition to cookies, some of’s services require you to provide personal information, such as an email address, name or other relevant information.

In general, we only ask for personal information when you e.g. sign up for our newsletters, if you register as a user or purchase one or more items on

We use the information provided when ordering newsletters to target ads in the newsletter. We do not disclose the individual user’s information to advertisers, but use the information to draw a profile of the newsletter readers to the advertisers, as well as to provide a better service to subscribers.

In case of e-mail contact from visitors, saves the information provided by the user if it should become relevant for later use. Besides the completion of the order itself, the information provided will only be used if, for example, the user contacts with questions or the like.

How do we protect your personal information?

Your personal information is kept secure and confidential. will under no circumstances pass on or sell your personal information to third parties.

However, we cannot guarantee the complete security of data transmissions via the Internet. Others can gain unauthorized access to protected data when data is sent and stored electronically.

So, although we try to protect the data as much as possible, we cannot guarantee the security of the data provided. You therefore send your data at your own risk.

Your acceptance

You accept the above cookie policy when you visit

Cookie Policy – English

This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this site and on others. The most effective way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser or taking a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers.


If you have comments or questions in connection with our processing of personal data and/or cookies, you are welcome to contact on tel. +45 40 84 20 08 or e-mail

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