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We’ve been working with PCs since 1988. Apple/Mac expert since 2007.
We work closely with many other technological geniuses. We have the resources to solve challenges.

We have expert knowledge in most of the programs on the market

We can help you with support in the following software:

Adobe (Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Dreamweaver / Flash / Bridge / Lightroom),
 Video, Photos app, TimeMachine, Contact, E-mail, Calendar, iTunes/Music, Finder, WordPress, Fonts, Apple Mail, Safari, AppStore, Aperture, Final Cut, iCloud, Screen settings and color profiles, Printers, Video editing,
 iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote,
 Microsoft Office (Word / Excel / Powerpoint / Outlook), Chrome,
 Firefox, Opera,Dropbox, EyeTV,

 Display color calibration, Color profiles, and many, many more…

If you are using a program that is not on the list, then contact us and ask.

We can definitely help you out!

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Let us be your personal problem solvers. Because we are passionate about solving your problems. We never compromise on the quality of our service.

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Years of experience with virtually all types of technology have given us a wealth of know-how. Leave your worries behind and let our skills work for you.

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Our cooperation with various companies and IT and Hi-Fi providers enables us to offer hardware and software solutions at favorable prices.

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cleanmymac rens din mac hjælp plads manglerDownload CleanMyMac

Free up space on your Mac and clean it of unnecessary files that take up space. Plus, with the paid version, you can scan for malware and uninstall programs you don’t use. Download CleanMyMac

Setapp er ligesom App Store fra Apple bare bedre fordi du for kun ca 9$ om måneden får alle apps i fuld version. Vi bruger ca 10 af deres apps dagligt. CleanMyMac inkluderet.Setapp – All the best apps

Setapp is like the App Store from Apple but better because for only about 9$ a month you get all apps in full version. We use about 10 of their apps daily. CleanMyMac included.
Download Setapp

 Download Malwarebytes

Scan your Mac for malware with this purchase version.
Download Malwarebytes.

NordVPN anbefaler vi når du skal surfe på nettet og vil være anonym eller nedsætte risiko for hacking og cyber angreb. Det virker også på iPad, iPhone, Mac og Windows PC’ere.NordVPN safe surfing

NordVPN is recommended when you need to surf the web and want to stay anonymous or reduce the risk of hacking and cyber attacks. It also works on iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows PCs.
Download NordVPN

gemini app programmer mac oprydning dubletter dobbelt kopier frigør pladsGemini (save disk space and eliminate duplicate files)

Gemini is a super user-friendly program that finds duplicates on your Mac and gives you an overview of them. You can then delete the ones you don’t need. Gemini for mac can also find files that are similar to each other, so you can clean up if you want to. Download Gemini


When you need remote desktop and screen sharing or remote control of your Mac or Windows computer. With this program, you can allow a technician to manage your computer for you and fix your computer problems
Download TeamViewer


Allows you to run online banking/NemID and other smart and necessary features on your Mac and PC. Download Java


This is a tool to run on your Mac to see info about what hardware is in your Mac. For example, you can see how much ram your Mac can run with. Download Mactracker


Video player that can play virtually all video formats. Download VLC

appcleaner Afinstallations-programmet, som Apple glemte at inkludere. AppCleaner

The Uninstall program that Apple forgot to include.Download AppCleaner


Allows you to view websites that use features such as silverlight plugins. Like TV2 Sputnik. Download Silverlight

 Adobe CC

You need to log in first and then click on this link again. With this package you can download all Adobe programs if you subscribe to them. Download Adobe CC



10 hour card
899,- per hour/clip = a total of 8.990,- ex. VAT for 10 clips.
Can be used for support and training.

50 hour card
699,- per clip/hour = a total of 34.950,- ex. VAT for 50 clips.
Can be used for support and training.


Telephone and remote support:
300,- ex. VAT per commenced quarter of an hour.
(Monday – Friday from 8-18).

Support on location:
300,- ex. VAT per commenced quarter of an hour. 1200,- ex VAT per full hour. (Monday – Friday from 8-18).

Support after 18 pm and weekends:
600,-ex. VAT per commenced quarter of an hour.

Emergency support:
2.400,- ex VAT per hour (for urgent support when you have problems that need to be solved as soon as possible and want to be at the front of the queue).

Weekend support:
2.400,- per hour or 2 clips per hour on a pre-purchased clip card, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

350,- ex. VAT per hour.

Server setups (Mac/Windows):
+300,- ex. VAT per hour on top of the hourly rate.

No matter what major task you want done, we will prepare a quote per task, which will be “tailored” exactly to your needs: Get a quote.

When ordering fixed monthly or weekly support / help, you or your company can obtain good discounts like prepaid card solutions.



Monday – Friday: …………………………..10:00 – 18:00

Weekends & public holidays: …………………..By appointment by phone

Conditions: The above prices are for daytime hours 08.00-18.00. For urgent tasks, work on weekends and public holidays and overtime, double invoicing will be charged unless a special agreement has been made in writing in advance. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. Clipping cards must be purchased in advance of the consumption of hours in order to obtain the savings. You will be invoiced for the first full hour of work. After the first hour, the bill is rounded up to every half hour, except for telephone support, which is rounded up to every 15 minutes. All prices quoted are ex. VAT.
Read the rest of our terms and conditions here.

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If you need urgent support, call us on +45 +4540842008. We can arrange a time when we can remotely control your computer and help you with your challenges. First of all, you need to download and open this ‘remote support’ software:

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