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Beginner: How to buy a new or used iPhone online and what to look out for

Beginner: How to buy a new or used iPhone online and what to look out for
25. April 2017 markbarner

Hi, my name is Mark Barner and I am the owner of – your Mac & PC expert.

In collaboration with DBA, in this video I will give you some of my best advice, tips and tricks.

We have many years of experience with buying used and new equipment on and will therefore give you some quick tips on how to shop safer when buying a used iPhone online.


Check for scratches and bumps.

When you have found an iPhone you want to buy and have met with the seller, the first thing you should check is whether the iPhone has been bumped or scratched, which can affect whether the iPhone works properly.

In a few cases, an iPhone may have received a violent shock, for example, if the seller has dropped it on the floor. This can sometimes cause small wires to come loose or break.


Check for water

You should also check your iPhone for water or moisture by taking a flashlight and shining it into the iPhone’s inputs such as the headphone jack, charger jack or SIM card input. If necessary, bring a paper clip to slide the SIM card holder out and shine a light into the slot. If you can see a red/orange sticker, it means that it has been exposed to water or moisture and may eventually stop working. We don’t recommend buying a waterlogged iPhone unless you can haggle the seller down to a lower price if the iPhone is working properly.

Check the receipt if the purchase date and serial number are the same as in the iPhone’s settings>general>about

Most purchases should definitely come with a receipt when buying used. But in some cases, even the most honest seller may have lost the receipt. If a receipt is included, check that the IMEI number on the receipt matches the phone’s IMEI number. Also check the purchase date and as there is always a 2-year warranty on purchases in Denmark – so you can see if there is a residual warranty, which means that you can still go down and complain to the retailer where it was purchased if the phone is broken.

Check if it is SIM-locked by inserting your own SIM card and entering your PIN code (bring a paper clip)

Finally, you can check the iPhone by inserting your own SIM card and ENTER your PIN code to see if it works if you call from it, and you can also test if the sound and microphone work. Use a paper clip to remove the SIM card.

Check if the charger, cable and headphones work

As a bonus, it’s a good idea to check if the headset and iPhone charger are working as well.

That was the guide to buying a used iPhone on DBA

I’m Mark Barner from – feel free to ask questions on our Facebook page or watch more of our best advice in the next video.

Thanks for watching!



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