(+45) 40 84 2008 Løgstørgade 2, 2. London W1 ECH UK – Transform Any Song into Karaoke: Mastering Christian Brøns’ ‘Flying Back Home’ guide – Transform Any Song into Karaoke: Mastering Christian Brøns’ ‘Flying Back Home’ guide
31. March 2024 markbarner – Christian Brøns – flying back home – akkorder chords lyrics, song seperator, song writer – Today I tried to play around with to seperate the tracks on a danish artist Christian Brøns and his almost unknown (on youtube) english song “flying back home”. It’s an amazing song and I did a track where i lowered his voice so that people can use it for karaoke. Also you can use AI to write lyrics. There is a lot of fun in the free trail but as you can see on the video it’s not fully functional. But you can even master songs with this tool and there is a voice studio where you can get other artist voices to sing your songs. Dive into the world of music transformation with as we explore the incredible capabilities of! Today, we’re taking an almost unknown English gem by Danish artist Christian Brøns, titled ‘Flying Back Home,’ and turning it into a karaoke masterpiece by lowering the vocals. Discover the fun and versatility of’s free trial, from creating karaoke tracks to writing lyrics with AI. Although not fully functional without a subscription, the platform offers an array of features like song mastering and a voice studio where you can have songs sung in the voices of various artists. Watch our video to see how opens up a new realm of musical creativity and how you too can master songs or create your own unique karaoke tracks!

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