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Get help removing a virus or malware on your Mac or PC – Guide to security

Get help removing a virus or malware on your Mac or PC – Guide to security
5. December 2023 markbarner
Security Suite - Bitdefender Endpoint - Anti-virus / Anti-Malware and Software Firewall

Learn to remove viruses yourself in this guide. Or order the full security package from us.

In the digital age, security on your devices is crucial, especially when it comes to a Mac. In this post, we will explore methods to remove viruses and malware from your Mac and discuss a powerful tool for this purpose – CleanMyMac from MacPaw.

CleanMyMac: The ultimate tool for malware removal:

CleanMyMac is a versatile software developed by MacPaw, known for their Setapp app store, which provides access to hundreds of apps at an affordable price. CleanMyMac is designed to optimize your Mac’s performance and is particularly effective at removing malware.

Download CleanMyMac here and run a malware scan right away.

Types of Malware that can infect Mac:

  1. Adware: Displays unwanted ads.
  2. Spyware: Monitors and collects user data.
  3. Trojan horses: Disguises as legitimate programs.
  4. Ransomware: Encrypts files and demands ransom.
  5. Keyloggers: Records keystrokes to steal information.

The Importance of Security and Free Scanning:

Security is crucial to protect your personal information and your device’s performance. It is recommended to download CleanMyMac and perform a free scan to identify and remove potential threats.

Top 8 Things to Avoid to Prevent Virus and Malware:

  1. Do not click on suspicious links, especially from an unknown sender in your email.
  2. Do not download from unknown sources.
  3. Regularly update your software.
  4. Use a reliable antivirus program like CleanMyMac or Malwarebytes.
  5. Activate firewall protection.
  6. Be cautious of emails from unknown senders.
  7. Avoid visiting dubious websites.
  8. Refrain from sharing personal information online.

Professional Anti-virus Security Package via MacGeni:


If you want a comprehensive security solution, MacGeni currently offers our ultimate Security Package for 387,- ex VAT annually. This includes antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall. When you purchase the security package, it comes with a remote session where we install and configure the software on your device – Mac or Windows – over the phone.

Optimize your security with a professional solution here – Yes to the security package


Do It Yourself Solution with CleanMyMac: If you only need an efficient scanner and want to remove malware yourself, we recommend CleanMyMac as a reliable and user-friendly solution.

Is it completely messed up?

If things have gone completely wrong and you need help, then book a support session with us either by calling, texting, or contacting us here.


Conclusion: Protect your Mac from viruses and malware by following security practices and using reliable tools like CleanMyMac. Whether you choose the do-it-yourself solution or the professional security package from MacGeni, your digital security is our priority.


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