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Corrupt and defective memo file from iPhone dictaphone repaired. Get parts or all of your recording back.

Corrupt and defective memo file from iPhone dictaphone repaired. Get parts or all of your recording back.
10. July 2023 markbarner
Korrupt og defekt memo-fil fra iPhone diktafon reparerer vi. Få dele eller hele din optagelse tilbage igen. memo, ødelagt fil,vil ikke afspille,iphone optagelse virker ikke,diktafon,

Have you recorded something important with the Memo app on your iPhone, only to find out it won’t play anymore? Or perhaps you’re trying to play a voice memo on your iPhone, but there’s no sound? Unfortunately, these issues are common with Apple’s Memo app. We might be able to help.

It’s incredibly frustrating to record an interview or a great conversation using the Memo app, only to lose it all afterward. There are no programs out there that can fix it easily, unfortunately. Fortunately, at MacGeni, we’ve found a method to fix defective or corrupt audio files that won’t play on PC, Mac, or iPhone.

We learned how to repair audio files because we’ve experienced memos that didn’t work ourselves. For example, I had an audio clip from my iPhone’s Memo app that was 28 minutes long. But there was an error with the recording, so we were able to salvage the 25 minutes that were actually recorded. It turned out that the iPhone mistakenly thought it was 28 minutes long, but after 25 minutes of recording, an error occurred. At least we saved 25 minutes out of 28 minutes, which was a lifesaver for us. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can book our services to help you.

Method to fix your defective/corrupt voice memo file:

  1. 1.Send us the file via email to and provide details about the errors and problems you’re experiencing.

  2. 2.We’ll test the file to see if there is any data in it.

  3. 3.Using Windows 7, we’ll edit defective file codes in the file using an HxD Hex editor program. Then, we’ll decode the file using command commands in the faac program.

  4. 4.Voila! Your file will have its sound restored, and we’ll send it back to you.

Please note that it’s typical for iPhone users to experience situations where, for example, the audio clip is supposedly 1 hour long. But because the file is corrupt, it might mean that it never recorded for a whole hour but got stuck after, say, 20-30 minutes. So, you can’t expect to get a 1-hour-long clip back. We can’t rely on what the iPhone indicates as the length; it might not be accurate.

The reason you might not always recover your full clip is that the recording likely stopped when you recorded it due to an error in the app, but because of a bug, it appears as if it continued. This can happen if the iPhone is on battery saver mode and the screen turns off while recording. We have seen and experienced that memo recordings can sometimes become corrupt in such situations. It can also become corrupt if there is a software glitch on the iPhone or if someone calls or texts you while you’re recording – we’ve also experienced memo recordings becoming corrupt in these cases.

Delivery time may vary depending on when you send it. But often, we can fix it within 24 hours – though it’s not guaranteed.

Our Price: 600 DKK, excluding taxes (for 1-6 audio files). We typically base prices on the time spent. So, if it’s a small file (1-5 minutes), it could be 300 DKK, excluding taxes.

*If your file is so corrupt that we can’t fix any part of it, you get our attempt FREE – so it’s always worth trying to see if we can fix it.

Are You the Do-It-Yourself Type?

If you want to try it yourself, you can search on Google for “iPhone Memo file not playable” or similar terms to find a solution on your own. If you find a clever solution, please share your experiences so we can add it here on the site for others to benefit from – thank you.

Tools for Mac:

External Programs: (test if your audio clip or damaged video works)

Hex Fiend (for Mac) – edit files’ HEX codes on Mac: and remove mdat info from the file.

Video Guides for Windows:

Repair damaged M4A files

How To Fix Corrupted Voice Memo m4a Audio File v2

Fix corrupted audio files with Audacity

VLC player – play all formats and test if they are corrupt.

Windows Tools:

FAAD decoder:

FAAC encoder:

Hex Editor:


You can also try the Permute app, which converts files via the Setapp app, which also has many helpful programs.


Mac & Windows sources:


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